Keep your Hair Shiny & Healthy

To keep your hair looking shiny, number one thing to do is, drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated. Try to avoid using a lot if heat and hot tools on your hair. Hydrating shampoo’s and Conditioner’s help provide moisture back into the hair. Thermal protectants are also a good shield for the hair for someone who uses hot tools on a daily basis. A shine spray is also a helpful aid in making the hair look shiny as well.


Color Treatment

The best way to keep your hair looking and feeling great is by using good products on your hair. Try to use salon quality products to keep your color looking great. You’ve spent the money to get your color to look great, keep it up at home by using the proper products. For blonde’s a purple base shampoo is a key tool in keeping your blonde looking light and less brassy.


Style Your Hair Daily

Have fun with your hair! Sometime throwing in a small braid in your hair could give an every day look a little something extra. Your hair style says something about you, make sure you get your hair cut often to keep it looking healthy and Fabulous.